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Frankenstone is the home of Contemporary Jewellery designed by Frankie Kroon. The jewellery is handmade and is created to facilitate 'The Theatre of the Everyday', enabling one to be one's own VIP. Mixed media is used and components are often recycled from old jewellery, perspex offcuts and found objects. These are up-cycled and incorporated with silver to create fabulous jewels. The ranges are small and sometimes comprise only one piece, a one-off just like us. This is to keep the pieces original and to enable individuality to the wearer. 

By using mixed media one examines the idea of value. Gems have always been mined at great human cost. In this time where there is a glut of manufactured objects, why not recycle/upcycle what is available into objects of value and beauty. Give yourself an opportunity to make a statement about yourself and the society we have created for ourselves. Recreate your own value system and look marvellous while you're at it.

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